2.0 Bundle of 4 - 2 x Lychee Lemon + 2 x Apple Cider Fat Burner Juice


2.0 Bundle of 4:

2 Boxes of 2.0 Fat Burner Apple Cider Fruit Juice (14 sachets total)
2 Boxes of 2.0 Lychee Lemon Fat Burner Juice (14 sachets total)


2.0 Shortcutx Fat Burner Fruit Juice is the ultimate fat burner in apple juice and lychee lemon flavour formulated for WEIGHT LOSS!

Shortcutx Apple Cider Vinegar Fat Burner Juice is specifically formulated to support your weight loss goals. Our upgraded formula is dedicated to elevate your metabolism, reduce bloating, and ignite the fat-burning process.

All natural ingredients
Controls your appetite
Reduces bloating
Helps to increase your metabolism, to burn fat faster
Advanced and enhanced formula that blocks your carb absorption
Safe for diabetics
Safe for breastfeeding moms

Our formula focuses on individuals who wish to lose their weight easily. It comes in handy ready-to-drink sachets so you can consume on the go! Best of all, Shortcutx is gluten-free, gelatine-free and completely vegan.


Introducing Shortcutx Lychee Lemon Fat Burner Juice, a natural weight loss solution that inhibits carb formation and boosts metabolism with a carefully crafted detoxifying blend. This enhanced and innovative formula promotes a natural detoxification process within your body, elevating metabolism, reducing bloating, and igniting the fat-burning process.

 Key Benefits:

✔ All natural ingredients. Works as a natural fat burner.

✔ Controls your appetite

✔ Improves your body's digestion

✔ Helps to increase your metabolism, to burn fat faster

✔ Advanced formula that blocks your carb absorption

✔ Safe for diabetics

✔ Safe for breastfeeding moms


ACV: Purified Water, Apple Powder, Kiwi Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar Extract, Raspberry Extract, Nutgrass Extract, Green Tea Extract, Pumpkin Seed Extract, guarana Extract, Barley Extract, L-Carnitine, Wheat Fiber, Multivitamin Lychee Lemon: Purified Water, Lychee Juice Powder, Lemon Powder, Green Coffee Bean Extract, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, L=lysine, Guarana Extract, White Kidney Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones Extract, Multivitamin, Chicory Inulin


  • Fat Burner juice in delicious apple flavour!
  • See results within 7 days!
  • Burns fat
  • Helps to reduce weight
  • Suppress appetite
  • Reduces bloating, helps to flatten tummy
  • Decrease in waist circumference
  • Carb blocker - Block carbs formation
  • Helps detoxify your body

How to Consume

For best results, consume 1 sachet in the morning on an empty stomach daily. For best results, please take a minimum of 1-2 months dosage.

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