The Shortcutx Story

Shortcutx Pte Ltd launched as a nutritional supplement company that focuses on convenience and effectiveness in 2022. Within the span of less than a year, Shortcutx company has experienced rapid growth and has established a presence in four different countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, and the United Kingdom. We have also been ranked the top 500 SME companies in Singapore. 

Shortcutx’s goal is to get our audience the results that they want when it comes to their body. Our supplements come in several crowd pleasing flavours. Currently, our products range from ready to drink sachets, to powder form meal replacements. We also have several new exciting products lined up. 

As we continue to grow, we are excited to expand globally. We aim to bring our solution to consumers around the world, helping them achieve their goals. Our team is comprised of professionals with a diverse range of skills and expertise, allowing us to adapt to the needs in different regions and industries. We are confident that our products will allow us to establish ourselves as a leader in the global Health & Wellness market.

June 2022

Debuting the Apple Cider Fat Burner Juice

Our Founder, Miza Nazili, launched Shortcutx by debuting the world’s first ever Apple Cider Vinegar Fat Burner Juice. Shortcutx experienced massive orders from all over the world and grew exponentially in the online marketplace

October 2022

#1 Best selling Health product on Shopee!

Shortcutx was quickly ranked as #1 Best Selling Health product on Shopee. Our consumers were loving how effective our product is.

November 2022

A blend of local flavour

Shortcutx launched its first Slimming Teh Tarik, which our consumers loved. As a staple drink flavour in every Sinagporean coffee shop, our Teh Tarik flavour was extremely well received and Shortcutx’s popularity continued to grow.

January 2023

Calling all coffee lovers

Shortcutx launched our Slimming Coffee Caramel Macchiato Flavour, which soon also became a consumer favourite. We also moved to our new 3-storey office with our own warehouse and huge creative space. The Shortcutx team also continued to grow.

March 2023

Meal replacement

Shortly after, we launched two delicious meal replacement flavours - Chocolate Brownie and Strawberry Cheesecake. We now had a small library of options and products that our consumers were absolutely loving. 

April 2023

30 day weight loss pack!

Over time, we spotted the trend of our consumers wanting packages and a scheduled plan for their weight loss journey. We then dished out our 30 Day Weight Loss Pack - a Limited Edition package that included a month’s supply of a new meal replacement flavour, detox juice, and night fat burner. 


We can’t tell you what we have in store for you yet, but trust us. It’s very exciting!
Shortcutx is committed to continuing our growth trajectory and achieving significant global success.