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Lychee Lemon Fat Burner v2.0

Our latest addition to our fat burner juice collection, with a new and enhanced formula. The Lychee Lemon Fat Burner Juice helps you to lose weight naturally and fast! This natural weight loss supplement helps to breakdown stubborn fats, curbs your appetite and help you feel fuller quicker.  

Lychee Lemon Fat Burner

Apple Cider Fat Burner Juice v2.0

Our best-selling fat burner is the World's First Apple Cider Fruit Juice. This new formula helps you lose weight easily with no side effects. It tastes just like an apple juice but contains Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) which has been used by thousands of people in Asia to lose weight safely and easily.

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Caramel Macchiato Coffee v2.0

Start your day on a high note with our new and enhanced formula of our Caramel Macchiato slimming coffee. Our 7-day sugar-free formula is proven effective to boost energy levels, stimulate body fat burning, and curb sugar craving. Your daily morning and afternoon companion got healthier!

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#1 Bestselling Health Supplement on Shopee7 Day AchieverWorld's First Apple Cider Fat Burner Juice See results after 7 Days #1 Bestselling Health & Wellness Supplement in Singapore7 Day AchieverWorld's First Apple Cider Fat Burner Juice Fast and effective results #1 Bestselling Health & Wellness Supplement in Singapore7 Day AchieverWorld's First Apple Cider Fat Burner Juice See results after 7 Days

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Formulated and manufactured all the way in the United Kingdom, our Flat Tummy Shakes are designed to make you feel full longer! Our products have all gone through rigorous testing, research and development to ensure results can be seen, and not just dreamed of!

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All Natural Ingredients

Indulge in the pure power of nature with Shortcutx. We pride ourselves on using only the finest all-natural ingredients, carefully selected for their efficacy and gentleness. Experience the peace of mind that comes from choosing the best for your body, as we bring you a product that combines nature's wonders with unrivalled results. Embrace the beauty of natural ingredients and elevate your skincare journey with us.

Proven Effective

Shortcutx's effectiveness is undeniable. Backed by extensive research and customer testimonials, it has proven time and again to deliver remarkable results. Witness the transformative power of our formula as it addresses your specific needs, leaving you with visible improvements you can see and feel. Trust in the effectiveness that countless individuals have already experienced and make our product your go-to choice for unparalleled efficacy.

No Side Effects

Indulge in our side-effect-free products with complete peace of mind. Our meticulously formulated solutions prioritize your well-being, ensuring that you can enjoy their benefits without any unwanted consequences. Trust in our commitment to safety and effectiveness as we deliver a worry-free journey that leaves you feeling confident and satisfied. Embrace the natural goodness of Shortcutx, knowing that our products do not cause any side effects.

100% Satisfaction

Our products are focused on getting you the best results. With our carefully crafted formulas and advanced technologies, we have fine-tuned our products to deliver exceptional outcomes. Trust in our commitment to excellence and make Shortcutx your go-to choice for achieving your desired outcomes.

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Real People, Real Results


From size 36 I probably to size 32 now! Can't even fit into my jeans now!


I've been consuming it consistently for the last two months and I've dropped two sizes. I really feel great about my body and I'm glad it works for me!


From 73kg to 64kg currently, Shortcutx has been awesome! I lost a few kg every week, without much dieting or exercising. I just control my portions and try to eat clean + Shortcutx every morning. It really works!


I wanted to feel better about myself so I tried this juice. Shortcutx really helped me to feel less bloated which I’ve always had a problem with. It also tastes great!


Took Shortcutx for 4 months and I lost 16kg. FYI, I didn't exercise at all due to injuries 😅


I took Shortcutx for 12 days straight and I lost weight from 58kg to 55.3kg now!


I can't emphasize how much Shortcutx helped me in my weight loss journey. It's super easy to drink, one sachet every morning couple with a few light exercises every week and I lost over 20kg!





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