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From size 36 I probably to size 32 now! Can't even fit into my jeans now!


I've been consuming it consistently for the last two months and I've dropped two sizes. I really feel great about my body and I'm glad it works for me!


From 73kg to 64kg currently, Shortcutx has been awesome! I lost a few kg every week, without much dieting or exercising. I just control my portions and try to eat clean + Shortcutx every morning. It really works!


I wanted to feel better about myself so I tried this juice. Shortcutx really helped me to feel less bloated which I’ve always had a problem with. It also tastes great!


Took Shortcutx for 4 months and I lost 16kg. FYI, I didn't exercise at all due to injuries 😅


I took Shortcutx for 12 days straight and I lost weight from 58kg to 55.3kg now!


I can't emphasize how much Shortcutx helped me in my weight loss journey. It's super easy to drink, one sachet every morning couple with a few light exercises every week and I lost over 20kg!


Received within 2 days, well packed. Exactly as per listing. Repeat purchase. Initially was very skeptical about this working, but after I tried out the first week (paired with the flat tummy shakes) and saw that I lost 1.5 kg, I had to buy it again! It does help to detox without upsetting your stomach, and tastes yummy (especially chilled)! If you think the cider vinegar taste would be strong, it really isn’t. Highly recommend!


2nd purchase and it works. I managed to loose 1.8kg in 14 days with a little food control. Will definitely recommend to friends. Thank you seller

Julea A.

Today is my 4th day of consuming shortcutz fatburn. So far it helps with detoxing, gives energy during my run. I sweat more too!


The product is good and i managed to kill off 1.5kg with 1 box. Will definitely reorder again.


My 2nd order for this product so far have shed 1kg-1.5kg for 7 days consume. Trying it for another 7 days and see if i could loose more. Delivery was fast and nicely pack. Thank you.


Loved the product alot. Controls my hunger. Can see alot of difference on me. I don't drink teh tarik. But this is legit. Simply tastes awesome. My second purchase from them. Will order more in future. Tq.

Jennifer Chong

Made me pass soft stool. It doesnt make my tummy rumble like some other detox drinks. No cramp pains before passing motion too. I really like this. Will order again.

Elizabeth Aziz

Tbh, this product works on me compared to other products that I took. In a month, I lost 4kg & appetite decreased especially dessert although in between I needed dessert but under control. It can last 8-10 hrs of not having foods. When am drinking the apple cider fruit juice, I almost went to the toilet flush out abt 3-5 times a day. I had a problem with digestion & this product really suits me. Shakers & teh tarik really nice the shakers I made it as iced blend 


I love how this taste it super good and really help to curb my appetite. I do really see my tummy flatten abit and rcv compliments tht i look less chubbier


Tried this apple cider fat burner together with the slimming teh tarik, it help me so much. Lost 6kg in 2 weeks BUTTT it doesn't help much if u r not controlling your sugar n carbs intake. Tbh i still eat my lunch(not healthy) but i avoid sugary drinks and eat more veggies and fruits. Dinner usually im not hungry but don't starve urself. I drink some healthy shake to replace my meal or salad. Make sure drink alot of plain water and don't skip breakfast. 👍🏽


2nd purchase and it works. I managed to loose 1.8kg in 14 days with a little food control. Will definitely recommend to friends.


this is my first purchase, i have dropped 2KG within the two weeks. it doesn’t have a laxative effect like other weight loss supplements/products.


Purchased so many times. Nv regret one single bit. Lost weight from 67kg to 59kg. This stuff is really something😍


Second purchase. Lost 3 kg in a week with diet and exercise. Hope it can help em reach my ideal weight in a couple of months


Fast delivery - Ordered during 11.11 sales and was delivered today 12.11 - 1 day only. Tried this before for 1 month then go on to Neelofa Drinktox for another 1 month, but I'm going back to this cause I can see changes from drinking ShortCutx compare to Neelofa Drinktox. You'll have a regular customer now. Thanks for the fast service and great product. 😊👍🏼


bought for wife. helps her to reduce her appetite. wife happy


Purchased so many times. Nv regret one single bit. Lost weight from 67kg to 59kg. This stuff is really something 😍 have drop size from xxl to m and still continuing! Love hw it helps curb my appetite and burns fats at the same time. My repeat order for not sure how many times and have managed to convince all my frens to take as well after seeing my drastic results😁

Zuraidah A

At 1st I have doubt about fat burner as I try few brand b4 it doesn't works or either I keep visiting bathroom😣. But the moment I try fat burner for a week Walla🥰see the difference a bit I'm so happy with it.. will keep ordering till I found my ideal weight 🤭. Thanks to team ShortCut

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Bow to the best slimming coffee ever ! It taste great really like caramel macchiato. Felt like im having starbucks every morning . It help w my morning feeling energetic n full too . I dont feel constipation ! Will definitely get more of this .  To all coffee lovers pls try this up !


Have seen difference with weight. Love the taste. Will keep ordering


Been using shortcut fat burner for months already, lost count of the month. I lost 9kg but w exercise every week 3-4 times. Tried the caramel coffee that day and I love it so this is my first time taking it. Hope it works well


I have been drinking the Shortcutx Teh and Apple cider tgt. Now trying the Caramel Machiato and Im excited. I started in mid Dec 22 @ 89kg & by Jan 23, my weight is @ 83kg. Just the apple cider when i wake up and the tea/coffee for brekkie everyday consistently.


Repeating orders. Love the taste and it did make me lose a few inches without exercising. Will reorder again


I like the taste and it is a combi with the apple cider vinegar and i managed to lose some weight.

Juliana Jumali 

This is my 2nd purchase consume Apple Cider + Teh Tarik Tea. I bought Slimming Coffee on my 1t purchase together along with Apple Cider too. I’ve PCOS and not everyone knows losing weight is very ver difficult for us especially our elly area, But,, after consuming 2 months of both products, my bloated stomach has reduced into nearly flat stomach! Hude difference on my stomach area first. I’ve lost 3kg so far, ad that is considered as an achievement for a PCOS woman like me. I hardly crve and bine earring, andd will only eat if my brain says “i’m hungry”


My weight loss journey has been a slow one, but I could see that it’s quite consistent. Didn’t yoyo-Ed up like it used to be. :)


! So far so good, already repeated purchase twice! Like the taste of it, and does help detox everyday!


2nd time buying the coffee, really makes you feel full. Taste nise not bad, nice.


Consuming shortcutx for the past 3 months and have lost 6kgs so far, no meal plan or gym at the moment
Only consumed shortcutx fat burner and tea - such a deadly combo. And I 'm so glad this product is in the market . With its super ingredients, natural detox process and the way it curbs my appetite! Just a WOW


Very good combination , started using these from oct , I did lose 2 kg even though I’ve been pigging out during the festive seasons


I've tried it for a week. Rly tastes like the tarik. Helps to curb appetite and kinda detoxing also


really like the taste and the detox works for me. Tastes better if drank hot and the effect is stronger.


Drank the 1st time today. Able to suppress my hunger, don't feel hungry for abt 4h+. Had lunch but cant finish my usual serving.


Tried this. It suits me together with fat burner apple cider. Hopefully more results coming in.. effect for curbing appetite really is strong game😧😧. Fast delivery within 2days I got it. Thank you


This taste great ! Like teh tarik just less sugar but still can taste the sweetness . Really help w my digestion i dont felt constipation while consuming this


My 2nd purchase of the tea. It controls my appetite well and i sweat alot more than usual. Loving the surge of energy and id dosent makes you have diarrhoea


Taste as similar to usual teh tarik - inches lost from 3rd day onwards


I am already 6 days into this product. Seems to be doing its work, it has managed to curb my appetite tremendously. Started to feel full fast and had lesser urge to snack/eat. P/s It makes you poop, LOADS. Hahahahahah. But it’s NOT the urgent poop where you’ll end up pooping yourself, so it’s still good. And for someone that has bowel problems, this would definitely help.


I like these 2 products. Will take the fat burner first thing in the morning and the teh tarik later in the morning. Both products taste good too.


Definitely did not regret getting the teh tarik, it taste really good!! Highly recommended it.


works quite fast for those who want to have some help in cutting some weight.  Tastes amazing when taken cold.


Frankly, when i drink the meal replacement at 9am, i dont fell hungry till 3pm.


Being diabetic, i am particular on 3 in 1 beverages. N yes, no sugar spike. I love it when i dun have the urge to snack n i feel energetic the whole day.


Consumed by husband & MIL. So far they say it works for them


Now I’m consuming shortcutx fat burner and teh tarikf or the past 2 months after delivering my second baby. So far kost 6kg.

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surprised at how the product works on me! tried the teh tarik and fat burner for few days already and managed to lose and curb my apetite.


ive loss 1kg on my 2nd day of consuming teh tarik. it give alot of energy during the day and must drink alot of plain water. So far this product goes well for me and very tasty just like teh mamak.


I’m am really excited to try the new slimming tea. The apple cider does help to curb appetite so with the help of the teh tarik slimming tea, I hope it will help me more in achieving my weight loss goals.


Bought for 2nd time , yes it curb your appetite well and not feel hungry all the time


Countless time purchasing from seller,as always stocking up my detox! This time trying out the teh tarik slimming tea.No kidding guys in a day i will keep going to toilet like 4 times! All the stubborn fats out from my body! In a week u can lost 2-4kg! Many more to go!Gdluck!🥰🥰🥰


You guys should try! These products legit. I lost inches n curb my appetite. No diarrhoea.. no bloating.


Nari minum shake 3/4 dulu tinggalkan 1/4 last to drink.. i ate abt 4 pcs nuggets.. bubur like 5 sudu.. Air putih 800ml.. by then im feeling full, suprisingly!!!! 😂 last kopek is my 1/4 shakes tu... last was my grapes to end my sahur! by e time, im already like damn full.. padahal tak makan nasi or mee pun, just merely dat... I AM SO AMAZED w this shake!!! I will see in abt a week tgk mcm mana, i will def buy more 😃😃😃🙏🙏 

** UPDATE : 1st Apr 2023..Weight 110kg.. 😄😱 **

Day 1 today, 30 Mar 2023... 

Height 1.63 metre... Weight is 113kg…


seeing very good reviews so decided to try. so yeah! this was the difference!!! so happy that i order for 2wks supply again. hopefully to see more wts dwn😁 took this in de mrg follow by meal replacement at night. no exercise only send kid go school via walking. the taste is SUPER NICE!! trying cheesecake next.. order yst, today received!


Started with the fat burner in the morning, ate lunch then took this meal replacement drink before the evening workout. Feeling great so far! My energy is up, my focus is clear and I didn't feel hungry during the morning and evening! Will see how things go in a week then I'll highly likely order more for my gf and I. Thanks seller, highly recommended 🥳🙏🏽🙏🏽


First time buying n trying out and I AM SO AMAZED! It is so delicious plus it helps to keep me full throughout the day 😁


Repeat purchase. Initially was very skeptical about this working, but after I tried out the first week (paired with the apple cider fat burner) and saw that I lost 1.5 kg, I had to buy it again! It’s really tasty (paired it with oatmilk since I don’t have almond milk) and does suppress my hunger. I honestly always look forward to having it for lunch/dinner! Highly recommend!


Here’s my 2nd order, monthly. It Curbs my appetite & craves. Strawberry shake gotta be my favourite. I used UFC almond milk, its quite tasteless not until i mix with the strawberry powder into a shake, it taste awesomely good. Amazing. This shake work wonders. Do try if you haven’t!

Yak C

Love both flavours. I dont feel hungry at all for the whole day while fasting. It works for me


The taste of this meal replacement product is amazing, with a perfect balance of sweetness and flavor that doesn't leave any unpleasant aftertaste. The texture is also excellent, smooth and creamy without being too thick or gritty (like TruShakes). It's a delicious and convenient option to help me stay on track with my calorie deficit goals. Highly recommended!

Saifuddeen A

Tastes mildly sweet, curbs my appetite for very long and it is truly to its description. Highly recommend


I’m on my day 8 with your Flat tummy. So far I don’t feel bloated at all and i feel really really light. Lost some inches too & it tastes s yummy !!


I bought twice from the same shop and its working !!! I manage to control my food and the last time i check my weight was 75kg i not sure about now but i feel a little light


Tried one pack and works well with the tea tarik for sahur. didnt really feel hungry. lost weight and feels lighter also. love the choc taste.


Works well for me. Was already trying to lose weight before taking the product but was having a hard time to lose the last kg (I have hit a certain weight for work purpose). Took this for a few days and managed to hit my target weight.
More bowel movements a day as compared to before.
Taste is great as well. Not too sweet or bland.


Love both flavours. I dont feel hungry at all for the whole day while fasting. It works for me🫰🏻



Linda F

Been consuming shortcutx for more than 3-months and I really have faith in them coz I see the results in me!! From size XL and now I’m in size M!! Thank you shortcutx!! I will continue supporting shortcutx!! Keep coming up with new flavours! #don’tstopbelieving


Bought the pack along with the apple cider. The shake really suppresses my appetite eventho I hate meal replacements bc i prefer to munch than lunch in a cup. But I did lose weight so it works well i guess! Many have said i look like I lost weight


Been drinking it for the past 6 days! Very nice flavour!!! I drank with milk, 2hrs after lunch. Makes me skip dinner all together! Cant wait to see more results! Will go toilet once a day for sure!


Cookie butter shake taste good! Love this and the strawberry cheesecake. Definitely nice for a meal replacement. Have yet to try the detox and night.

Claire L

Love the taste of the product. I feel lighter, less bloated and not hungry after consuming it. Thanks for coming up with such an amazing product for your consumers! :)


Bought the pack along with the apple cider. The shake really suppresses my appetite eventho I hate meal replacements bc i prefer to munch than lunch in a cup. But I did lose weight so it works well i guess! Many have said i look like I lost weight 🤣